MOTOGP OIL Development

MOTOGP racing is the highest level of motorcycle racing.  It was developed primarily in Europe, associated by FIM (Federation of International de Motocyclisme) in 1949. Determining upon the machines types championship is categorised in three different classes (MotoGP, Moto2 class & Moto3 class).

ENEOS has sponsored YAMAHA MotoGP team since 2012, and well known legend Valentino Rossi form 2016, also supplied oil to the team since 2015. As per past 10 years record YAMAHA MotoGP team won 5 times and Valentino Rossi won 9 times in different categories.

In such competition where the rider pushed the motorcycle to the top speed over 350 km/h and while braking the gravitational force of more than 4G. The ranking of the competition are determined by tenths of a second, so slight technological advantage could make a big difference.

For such racing bike one of the most important component is custom made engine, which is designed for power and acceleration. These engines have to produce maximum output, to keep so Yamaha factory racing team and ENEOS jointly develops MOTOGP racing oil that will sufficiently protect critical engine against wear & tear and providing the maximum power.